Ray Chang Delivers Encore Performance

Mac-N-Seitz’s very own, Ray Chang, propels Team China past Brazil in the World Baseball Classic

Ray Chang, a Kansas City native, and a Rockhurst University graduate has been training at the Mac-N-Seitz facility for the last 7 years of his professional career.

During the off-season he trains at the performance training center inside MNS alongside several other professional ball players.  He not only  trains at the facility, but he also is a long standing fielding instructor during the off-season working with several Mac-N-Seitz players and some of the top youth players in the area.  Ray will be in Arizona following the WBC when he reports to the Cincinnati Reds Training Camp.  This will be Ray’s first year with the Reds organization after spending the last two in Triple AAA Rochester with the Twins.  Before that he was with the Pirates and the San Diego Padres.

2013classicChangFUKUOKA, Japan — If baseball ever evolves into a major sport in China, the nation’s future ballplayers won’t ever stop telling stories about Ray Chang.

Chang was the hero of China’s first World Baseball Classic win back in 2009, and he delivered an encore performance in China’s final game in the 2013 Classic with a go-ahead, two-run single in the bottom of the eighth inning that propelled the Chinese to a 5-2 win over Brazil on Tuesday at Fukuoka’s Yafuoku Dome.

“Everybody on our team deserved to be up here,” Chang said during the postgame news conference. “Everybody has a role in this game, and everybody did their job. Starting pitcher Bu Tao did one heck of a job, and [so did] all of the relievers.”


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